October is Breast Awareness Month

Breast Awareness

Why Be Aware

Angelina Jolie, Robin Roberts (Good Morning America anchor) and Sheryl Crow….  What do they all have in common?  They like many others have openly battled with and publicly discussed breast health.  What about you?

Some of us however, in fear of what may be found, bury our heads like the proverbial ostrich seeming to forget or neglect taking steps to protect and detect disease affecting our breasts.  Although cancer is usually the first (or only) disease most think of when it comes to breast health.  Did you know that most breast problems are not cancerous?*  And that minor and serious breast problems have similar symptoms?*

Interestingly, the National Institutes of Health states, ‘ your age, hormone levels, medicines you take (and might I add Stress) may cause lumps, bumps, pains, skin irritations and discharges (fluids that are not breast milk).

So let’s calm your nerves and quiet your fears, with an Iridology Breast Consultation Today for only $50 (a 33% discount)!

This non-invasive scientific technique allows an Iridologist to see the health of your organs*.

What an Iridology Breast Consultation Can Reveal*:

  • Stages of tissue inflammation and activity
  • Inherently weak or strong organs, glands and tissues
  • How Emotional and Mental Stress contributes to breast health
  • Nutritional needs of the body (including poor assimilation of nutrients)
  • Which foods affect breast health

Consultations are by appointment only.

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