Individual Assessments


Assessments can be conducted In-Person or Virtually

What to Expect During your Initial Visit?

Part 1: Using non-invasive scientific techniques such as Iridology and Sclerology, I will assess your physical and emotional health.  By collecting all subjective and objective information about your health concerns, this assists in assessing the root cause of your health and/or weight loss issues.

Part 2: Within in 48 hours after your assessment, you will receive a documented Individualized Holistic Plan (IHP).  Thereafter, over the phone we will discuss your IHP which includes: going over your nutrition, help in ordering your herbs and answering any questions you may have to reach your health and/or weight loss goals.

Part 3: 2-3 weeks after you have started your herbal plan, I will check in to see how your adjusting.


An Individualized Holistic Plan (IHP) includes:

  • Disclosure of the Body System(s)/Organ(s) that are contributing to your specific health issue
  • Herbal recommendations
  • Details of possible Toxic Foods you should avoid
  • Recommended Detoxifying Foods to help rebuild a healthier body
  • If needed, recommend Emotional Therapy Techniques to release suppressed negative emotions (Many are amazed to see the benefits of apply these techniques)
  • If needed, recommend Other Natural Therapies such as Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology or Light Therapy  (Many are amazed to see the improvement of their health with the application of these therapies)

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