D.B. from Philadelphia, PA

In her words…

About the Assessment 
“It was an eye opening and very therapeutic experience.
Roxanne was professional, insightful and knowledgeable of the field. I felt very comfortable to talk with her about personal things that I never told a soul.  It’s interesting to learn how stress affects our body, I learned to think of my health holistically.  I truly wish I had my assessment sooner.”

About the Individualized Plan 
“I knew about the benefits of herbs, but this experience has really opened my eyes.  The herbs and food directions have helped me get back to feeling myself and I lost weight!  They’ve balanced my hormones and helped me with a lot of the setbacks that I’ve had in my recovery.”

Health Improvements
“I’ve seen myself transform to a better and healthier me.  I’m motivated to eat better and strive to live a happier and healthier life…”